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At Sowell Management Services, we believe in a personalized investing experience – not a one-size-fits-all product. This, coupled with our modern, multi-methodology approach to portfolio diversification, is intended to provide robust, goal-based solutions that clients can stick with for the long-term.


Sowell Management Services (SMS) is a privately held, independent registered investment advisory firm. SMS has been managing client assets since 2001 and has employees in Chicago, IL, Denver, CO, San Jose, CA, and Little Rock, Arkansas.

At SMS, we believe people and service come first. Our primary objective is to ensure each and every portfolio we design is customized toward each client’s specific goals, objectives and risk tolerances. Instead of a one-size-fits-all, computerized approach, we believe in a personalized portfolio design process.

We pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding customer service experience, working with you to select the most appropriate portfolio for your investment preferences and goals. We believe our dedication to personal service is what separates our firm from being “just another investment management company.”

Over the years, SMS has built a reputation in the investment management industry. For the fourth year in a row, TrustAdvisor has named SMS to its list of America’s Best TAMPs.


Professional Portfolio Management
Truly Diversified Strategies
Transparent Performance Reporting

One of the core beliefs at Sowell Management Services is modern times demand modern investing solutions!

If investors have learned anything since the turn of the century, it is that using traditional asset allocation techniques (some of which were developed in the 1950’s), are simply not enough in today’s fast paced, highly correlated markets. Offered exclusively through Sowell Management, our trademarked MPD™ (Modern Portfolio Diversification™) represents a new-age approach to portfolio design and diversification.

Using MPD™ the SMS Portfolio Design Team develops portfolios that are diversified not only by asset class, but also across multiple managers, strategies, time frames, and investment methodologies.

SMS offers a diverse platform of portfolio offerings, an investment committee with more than 70 years of portfolio design and investment management experience, and a portfolio design team dedicated to building custom portfolios – one client at a time.

Best of all, our client portal software allows you to keep track of the performance of your investment accounts with data updated daily for true transparency.


Customized Portfolios to Meet Your Needs

At SMS, “goal-based investing” is a key tenet of our belief system.  As opposed to focusing on market benchmarks, a goal-based approach customizes a portfolio of investment strategies tailored to client’s specific goals such as retirement, college education, etc.

The overriding principle of this approach is to focus on the objective, not a specific market benchmark or investment product. Instead of promoting last year’s best performer or trying to “sell” specific strategies, managers, funds, and/or ETFs as the latest, greatest hot-dot solutions, we believe strongly in a disciplined, customized portfolio design process focusing on client objectives, targeted volatility and returns, as well as a strict adherence to client risk tolerances.

In short, Sowell’s Portfolio Design Team works with financial advisors and their clients to create properly diversified portfolios that have been customized to meet their needs.


We believe that modern markets require modern thinking. At Sowell, we’ve broken free from the past and utilize Modern Portfolio Diversification™ (MPD™) when designing client portfolios. The goal of this new-age approach to portfolio design is to provide clients with the latest diversification methods.

MPD™ is a modern approach to developing properly diversified portfolios for today’s markets. Traditionally, a diversified portfolio has been split among U.S. stocks, foreign stocks, bonds, and cash. More recently, the concept has been expanded to include additional asset classes such as real estate, gold, commodities, emerging markets, and foreign bonds.

However, since the turn of the century, investors have learned that traditional diversification strategies focusing on asset classes did little to protect them from the two brutal bear markets that occurred within a nine-year span. As such, Sowell believes that classic asset allocation alone has fallen well short of investor’s needs.

Enter the need for a more modern approach.

What is MPD™?

Modern Portfolio Diversification™ is the approach to portfolio diversification utilized at Sowell Management Services. An MPD™ allocation is created by moving beyond the traditional strategy of mixing of asset classes. At Sowell, we believe that Modern Portfolio Diversification™ is achieved by incorporating:

  • Multiple Strategies
  • Multiple Managers
  • Multiple Investment Methodologies
  • Multiple Time Frames

… And then diversifying across all of the above in a customized fashion in order to meet the individual needs of each and every client.

The Goals of the MPD™ Approach

While there are never any guarantees in investing, the primary goal of the MPD™ approach is consistent, long-term investment performance.

There is obviously no such thing as “set it and forget it” in today’s investment markets. However, employing a properly diversified portfolio consisting of multiple strategies, managers, and investment methodologies may be the next best thing. In our opinion, this modern-day approach to investing allows clients to “buy and hold” their diversified portfolio again.


Sowell’s investment management team believes that managing the risks of today’s markets is “mission critical” to many investors.

While some investors prefer to invest for the long-term and simply “ride out” bear market environments (defined as a decline of 20% or more in the S&P 500 Index), we recognize there are also investors who prefer to manage the risk of potential losses that accompany severe market downturns.

While there are never any guarantees in investing, the SMS Portfolio Design Team can – at your request – build strategies into your portfolio that are intended to reduce exposure to market risk during negative environments.

In fact, SMS offers more than a dozen strategies to help clients weather down cycles in the stock and bond markets.


Innovations in Investing

At SMS, we view investing strategies as tools used to build customized portfolio solutions for clients. We offer a robust platform of investment strategy offerings including passive, strategic, tactical, equity selection, liquid alts, and blended programs. Feel free to explore our investment options (Solutions Platform), our MPD and blended solutions, and our Portfolio Design Team page.

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To download a PDF of the Sowell Solutions Platform, click here. To download a PDF of the SMS Program Offerings Summary, click here.


At Sowell Management Services, we can house client accounts at Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, Schwab, Pershing, and Trust Company of America.


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